Frustrated with slow improvement and poor performance?

Sweet Spot Shots are guaranteed to change your game.

The fastest way to start playing better golf...

is to hit more shots

on the Sweet Spot of the club face.

No matter how unique your swing is...

ALL good golf shots come from Sweet Spot contact.

Dear Frustrated Golfer,

  • Do you stand on the first tee not knowing if your drive will find trouble on the right or the left... but pretty sure that it will not end up in the middle of the fairway?
  • Do you step up to an iron shot not knowing if the club will hit the ground before it hits the ball or if it will hit the top of the ball... but pretty sure that the ball will not fly the correct distance and land on the green?
  • Do you hit solid, accurate shots at the driving range... but as soon as you set foot on the course your swing feels like it has been possessed by someone who has never played before?

My name is Geoff Greig and in my 23 year PGA teaching career I have given over 15,000 lessons to golfers of all ages and all abilities. Every imaginable issue you could have with your swing I have seen it... and helped someone to over come it.  

Because I did not start golfing until my mid twenties and taught myself to play (what a mistake that was!)... there is a pretty good chance that whatever challenges you are struggling with I have had to teach myself to overcome them as well.

When I started playing golf I had just finished a career playing professional soccer and came from a background of success in a number of sports.  I did not expect golf to be any different.  I could not have been more wrong!  

The hurdles to overcome in order to play better golf golf were inifinitely higher than any other sport... and the low points of poor performance were painfully low and seemed nearly impossible to climb out of.  

"My hope was to play on the PGA Tour... 

but there were many days when fear took over my swing

and my shots were so wild and inconsistent

that I was embarassed to go out on the course."

Over 25 years later... the experience of struggling, practicing and playing through my own personal fears is a big part of why I have been very fortunate to receive recognition for my ability to help others through their challenges.

As an Award Winning Instructor, Best Selling Author and Video Lesson Producer my goal is to give you instant and affordable access to 22 of my best lessons that are GUARANTEED to help you:

  • Dramatically improve your swing consistency 
  • Easily improve your shot accuracy
  • Quickly improve on course performance through Smart Practice
  • Effectively learn to diagnose your shots and coach yourself 

If you have experienced the frustration of:

  • Practicing well and playing very poorly
  • Excessive inconsistency from club to club and shot to shot... on a daily basis
  • Not knowing what you are doing wrong... OR what you are doing right

If you have experienced the fear of:

  • "Slicing" one drive to the right and "pulling" the next one to the left
  • "Chunking" an iron shot so that the divot flies farther than the ball
  • "Blading" an iron that flies "gopher" high and ends up in far behind the green

If you have experienced the confusion of:

  • Too many thoughts in your head before each swing
  • Too many tips from TV, friends and complete strangers
  • Not knowing the difference between training focus and performance focus

The Sweet Spot Shots video lesson library

is exactly what you need to play better golf.

"Your Complete Swing Tuning Source"

22 Effective and Unique Lessons...

Totalling Over 4 hours of All My Best:

  • Consistency Grooving Exercises - Learn how the "Scales" and the "Humm" will dramatically improve the repeatability of your swing.
  • Accuracy Tuning Tips - Hit more targets when you explore the effectiveness of "To the Target" face path and "Late is Great" face rotation.
  • Smart Practice Exercises - Experience the power of "Scrimmaging" and learn how practicing with a plan will transform your game.
  • On Course Performance Cues - Learn the difference between "Training Cues" and "Performance Cues" and watch your scores plummet.

What makes Sweet Spot Shots

so Effective and so Unique?

Simple... the videos focus only on the "essential elements" of what will help you hit more Sweet Spot Shots while making as few changes to your swing as possible.

Minimum Change... Maximum Results.

The "essential elements" are divided into two key areas:

  • What is Ideal Club Face Movement at Impact
  • How to Effectively Retrain Movement Patterns

The Effectiveness of the Sweet Spot Shots videos is a result of the Crystal Clear Explanations of exactly WHAT your club face needs to do at impact in order to hit a Sweet Spot Shot... and simple drills for developing a feel for these Essential Movements.

The Uniqueness of the Sweet Spot Shots videos is a result of the powerful and often overlooked Learning Tools that show you exactly HOW to makes changes to your current swing patterns... quickly, easily and without regression to your old habits.

"I LOVE the Sweet Spot Shots Video Lessons!  They are Awesome! Great information, great format, easy to follow, easy to navigate and no extra fluff or confusing concepts!"

- Katherine Craven  16 handicap

“What is really fun about Sweet Spot Shots is that I did not have to make a lot of changes to my swing.  Just a few small tweaks here and there and my shot quality has improved dramatically... which has caused my scores to drop lower than ever before."

- Dudley Tarlton  6 handicap

"I have always felt like I was a good athlete... but I could never translate that ability to my golf game.  Now that I am following Geoff's instruction in Sweet Spot Shots... I am finally playing to my full potential and truly enjoying my golf."

- Dan Colonno  11 handicap

Here are just a few of the positive changes you will experience when you purchase Sweet Spot Shots:

  • More Distance - Sweet Spot contact can add as much as 25% more distance to your drives!
  • More Accuracy - Accurate feel of "face rotation" maximizes accuracy of your good shots and minimizes your poor shots.
  • Better Trajectory - Practicing ideal "face loft" will give you consistently correct heights and spin rates for all your clubs.
  • Solid Contact - Training your "turf scuff" will eliminate fat and topped shots... permanently!
  • More Confidence - When you see more good shots and better quality bad shots.... you will begin to trust your swing.
  • More Fun!  - When you reduce frustration, fear and confusion... better shots and bigger smiles take over.
  • And Many More ...

Easy Access!

If you have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone... you will have access to your Sweet Spot Shots lessons!  Because we host all the videos for you... all you have to do is bookmark the web address of the Sweet Spot Shots library and you can watch them at home, at the range, on the course or even on vacation.  It will be like having your own private tour instructor on speed dial! :-)

Free Bonuses!

I am on a mission... to help as many golfers as possible eliminate frustration, play better golf and have more fun on the golf course.  

Time and time again...I have seen the amazing results golfers have been experiencing after purchasing the Sweet Spot Shots library.  

To make sure you want to take advantage of this amazing improvement library... I am adding even more value and more helpful tools with these free bonuses:

  • My best selling E Book The Sweet Spot

    The Sweet Spot - All the basics of WHAT produces Sweet Spot Shots


  • Four Bonus Groove Your Move Video Lessons

    The Keys to Smart Practice

    Understanding learning/training vs performing

    Using the 80% Rule to permanently rewire bad habits

    Consistency Drills

  • Four Bonus Power Primer Video Lessons

    Quality for Power

    Arc Size for Power

    Speed for Power

    Drills for Power

22 Lessons with over 4 hours of Instruction

30 Lessons with over 5 hours of Instruction!

PLUS my Best Selling EBook!     

All for Only $59

If you were to take 4 hours of video lessons with me it would cost you over $600. With the Sweet Spot Shots Library Bonus Package you get over 5 hours of lessons PLUS my three best selling EvoSwingGolf E Books.  Add them all together and the total cost would be over $800.

Four hours of video instruction (22 lessons)              $600

One hour of Bonus video instruction (8 lessons)       $200

Three Bonus best selling e books                                  $   15 

TOTAL                                                                                 $815

Your Sweet Spot Shots Lesson Library

will not cost you $800 or $400 or even $200

Click the "Get Access Now" Button Below 

to purchase your "Game Changing" Video Lessons

for ONLY $59

100% Risk-Free 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the powerful, positive changes the Sweet Spot Shots videos produce in your game... I will refund your entire purchase price no questions asked... for 60 days!

Feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions or success stories.

Enjoy your golf!

Geoff Greig 

Founder EvoSwingGolf

© Copyright Geoff Greig EvoSwing Golf 2016 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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